Tactical Tips for Tennis Players – Game Pattern

Your Identity as a Tennis Player

The First and Most Important Thing as a Tennis Player is to Discover Your Game Pattern !!
What is that ?
It is Your Identity as a Player.

Discovering the Game Pattern will Depend on :

  • Your personality
  • Your technique
  • Your type of game

Discover it Soon!!
The sooner you discover your game pattern the sooner you can work on your tactic .

The Different Game Patterns:

  • Aggressive
  • Attacker
  • Neutralizer
  • Defender or Defensive

Be the Most Complete Tennis Player that You Can Be
Great champions know how to do everything !

But Before that You Need to Work on One Pattern !!

Description of Each Game Pattern

The Aggressive Player

  • Good serve.
  • Good forehand.
  • Stands on the baseline and takes the ball very soon.
  • Backhand can also be good.
  • Does not often finish the point at the net.
  • Tries to end the point with a winner.
  • Does not like it when he /she is in a defensive position.

The Attacker Player

  • Great serve.
  • Good volley.
  • Any opportunity is good to get to the net and finish the point.
  • Does serve and volley quite often.
  • Does not like it at all to be in a defensive position.

The Neutralizer Player

  • Does a little bit of everything.
  • Does nothing great.
  • It is usually very consistent.
  • Uses the opponent’s power.
  • Has a great ability to keep the length of his/her shots.

There are Two Types of Neutralizing Players

  • There is one more active getting closer to an aggressive player.
  • The other one is more defensive.

The Defender or Defensive Player

  • Is a passive player.
  • Waits for the opponent’s mistake.
  • Plays high balls to prevent to be attacked easily.
  • Plays short angles so that opponent has to move around.
  • If he/she has a good slice, he/she will use it playing low balls, which will block the power of an aggressive or attacker player.

Watch the following video and try to discover the different kind of points and situations. Even if great tennis champions are aggressive and attacker players, in many situations they have to neutralize the power of the opponent, and sometimes they need to play defensive shots.

Discover Your Game Pattern to Work on Your Tennis Tactic !!

Coach Guillermo Minutella